Download product templates

With the introduction of new products, we have updated the artwork templates for your use. You can use your existing artwork files for most of the new products. See below for detailed information on artwork dimensions and download links.
Templates are organized by print dimensions.
For example, all t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts and the back of hoodies are in one template. The front of hoodies are in different template because it is a different size.
All artwork files must meet these specifications for a successful upload into our platform:
>  300 ppi/dpi
>  sRGB
>  Transparent PNG
>  File size does not exceed
>  25MB
Template Specification:
> 4500px by 5400px
> T-shirts – front and back
> Long sleeve t-shirts – front and back
> Crewneck sweatshirt – front and back
> Hoodie – back only
Template Specification:
> 4500px by 4050px
> Hoodie – front only
Template Specification:
> 485px by 485px
> PopSockets
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